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 STEP 1 : Select a model
Pampas Bows allows you to select among the different types of bows, you will find it clicking tha icon of "Bows". Each model will be seen through digital photograph that will project the esthetic details that really interest an archer, and the technical data sheet.

STEP 2: Select the woods
To make tha raiser and the limbs you will have to choose the woods for each part. For that , you could look through the different range of woods clicking the icon "Woods" divided according to their colours so that you could clearly see the combination of woods to make your bow.. Pampas Bows allows you a multilamination of eleven layers and you will decide wich woods you want for each of them. The first and the last layer of the "sandwich" must have at least 25 mm. After having chosen how many layers your arch will have,think about bow broad the layers will be according to the model. For further information on the choice of woods enter the section "HELP" that the Section "Order Form" offers you.

STEP 3: Complete the "Order Form"
Once you have selected the model and th woods  for your bow, enter in "Order Form" and fill in carefully. Apart from your personal details, your mail and the adresses to deliver them, you have to point out details that will make your bow very personal. We advise you to read "HELP" because of the section offers relevant details in the making of your bows.
When you have filled in your data, press "Submit it" to send us your request of a Budget. As soon as we get it, you will have an answer of the whole cost of the bow in 48 hrs. if it is accepted, with additional comments and suggestions and a number of Order. Why a number ? well, it is important to personalize your order and it has a relation with the current prices that Pampas Bows has when the project is analyzed. We have chosen this method to offer a real security to our clients, and to avoid surprises when it has to be paid, or whether the bow has been made according to their expectations. Besides this allows us that you pay in a real secue place managed by a compromesed enterprise of e-commerce well-known in the market and not through a simple form that will only ask you your card number, it may be sure but we do not know.
Through this method Pampas Bows do not ask you for a deposit nor to write down your credit card number until you are sure and really agree that project is the one on you have been looking for. After having received our mail with your Budget or Order number, you can send all your suggestions, changes and corrections you wish until you consider your oorder has been understood.

Once yoy have agreed, you will make the next step with your "Order Number".

STEP 4: Make your initial deposit
To build any of our bows we ask our clients make a deposit of u$s 100 as guarantee of Purchase and so we start  to build your bow. Make the deposits at icon "Payments" which well take you to a secure site that belongs to a Comapany dealing in Business Transactions through e-commerce well-known to choose the way of paymentns and write down the details.  Besides you will be asked as an essential condition to put your Number of Buget (Order Number) as we will assignate that deposit to the order you have made.
Clarification: The deposit given as a guarantee will net be refund if the bow is being made and you decide to cancel the order for any private reason.

STEP 5: Bow Construction
On receiving  your order and part of the payment, it is sent to the department in charge of taking the woods which are selected by our Indians among the most beautiful and solid of the selected blocks. After the woods have passed a process of dryness and humidity control to ensure thei perfect seasoning. The Aborigens can make suggestions and comments about the order which will be transmit to our clients. Once the woods have been selected they are sent to our store to make the main Block that will be the riser and the woods for the limbs. The sticking of the woods and the making of the Block is handmade under the strict supervision of our craftmen (master-crafters). The entire process of sticking is carried out by controlled temperature to respect the process of drying of the resins to be used in the limb and bows. We use the same quality of glue used by the most important brands to guarantee and reliability in the process of building.
The block will be shaped by the craftmen that will give it the rogh form according to the model you have schosen with very precise tools. After that the different parts of the bow will be hand-carved by our mastercrafters. The bow will be then ensambled and measured to confirm the weight and design under our control.

 STEP 6: Proof and final touch

The adjust of power (strenght) and the Brace Height , the work of the limbs is observed as well as the last touches. The finished bow is tested with some proofs about its precision, resistance, shot-speed, line arrow fly, and the shot in the field, for that bowcrafters who make the quality control do several proves of shot, testing each bow in this way they tray to discover any hidden imprefection that experienced bowcrafter recognize they do exist in the new bows build in series. Each piece made by Pampas Bows is throughly tested as it is considered a unique one . Only when it has passed the shooting test the bow is ready to be finished with the transparent coating that will protect it.
Once the efficiency has been tested and approved the bow will pass to its final face where it will be polished eliminating any irregularity. The polish of the bow will give it a dedicate ending and once again the Quality Control will ratify it before being packed.

STEP 7: Packing and Last payment

When the bow is finished our client be notified, and he will be requested to do the last payment, he will do it in the same way of the partial payment, that is placing in the section "Payments" the Order Number . When it has been received the bow will be sent to his home through the freight enterpice in charge of our deliverys.
You will receive in your home the chosen bow together with the invoice. The number of the invoice and the Order Number will be useful to make any suggestions or claim while the guarantee is in force.

Payments: why can you rely on our system?

We have an enterprise in charge of collecting the money. It is well-known in the market of e-commerce, it offers the guarantee to deal with the transactions till the very end, that is to say in case you do not receive the goods, or the same do no respect the requirements you have asked for, you will be able to claim, not only to us but also to Company that will take the responsibility to refund the money paid as a guarantee for the purchase so we assured the reliance in the order, we want you to be our customer !

STEP 8: Enjoy your dreamed bow !!!

Don't  forget that for any question or doubt, our consult mail is there for you !! .