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     Pampas Bows is not a family enterprise nor is it built because of the fame of a great bowhunter. It is a fdifferent sort of enterprise shaped by Southamerican men, in it they had linked the mystic and the modern, the artistic and the Legend, the accuracy and the style. This is the history of its roots: By the end of 1999 four Sothamerican traditional bowhunters organized an expedition to the juangle called "The Impenetrable" in Santiago del Estero Province, (Argentina). It is a very large region set in the North of Argentina and the South of Paraguay. Mother Nature has favoured the place making it almost inaccesible to men as its name shows it. This land has only been explored by adventurers who are not afraid to losetoch with civilization, and ready to walk into the deepest of its thick woods.
The idea was to spend there four days not only to hunt with bow but to discover as well a part of the country that has beenlittle or no explored by man and full of Legends. To do so it was neccesary a map of the place, however the ones they had were not updated and there were several mistakes because the place has rarely been visited owing to the thick trees, plants and bushes (there te name of Impenetrable). When all the essential things were gathered they went into the deep jungle and then the adventure started !!
Wiothout realizing, or out of curiosity or because of the fantasy that the place worked in them, they went much futher than they had really thougth. Suddenly, the unexpected happened and a heavy storm (not forcasted) raged in such a way that they were at a loss, and to make matters worse the maps of the jungle dropped over the mud, they were intelligible. What to do ? They were discouraged and afraid in that hostile land... and looking for a refuge they could see some human figures waiting.
They were Indians of an ancient Tribe settled inside that jungle. They got near the group and by means of signals they were led to a refuge belonging to their lands. The Tribe protected the men and saved them from the sorm and the perils of the forest.

Since that moment a fluid communication tarted among them, fist by means of signs and a variable of the language that is the Mother Tongue of the Guarani Ethnia that is evennow the Official language in Paraguay. That enabled an interchange of information and talks on the common subject that both races had - "The Archery" - The main source of food for the Tribe was through bow hunting. The Tribe keep to their habits and Legends practically they havenīt had any touch with the progresson the outer world.
The Indians observed the bows that the group had made, and the group on the other hand looked intently at the Indians ones. What made the different ?


It called the adventurers attention that the Indians arm were as good as their own wich had been built with such a high tecnology.... And something fantastic happened, something invaluable for that groups of archers, the interchange of culture and their generosity to honour the visitors the Indians passed their secrets. The Invaluable Secret on the Treatment and Special Selection of the Woods.

       The groups was astonished and surprised to know about the exquisit treatment given by the indians to their woods so as to make them more flexible, resistant and with less weight.
The group was pleased and they intended to try the same tchnic with the bows they were making. The group of bowcrafters left the jungle quicked by the indians and drew a map which would show them the way back towards the tribe Land to keep in touch with them

     Later on linking with the manufacturing of the handmade bows with the refined and special selection of woods the result was incredible: a bow with higher precision, flexibility, elasticity and resistance.
Following the new methods the yamde bows for themselves to be used in tournaments and hunting expeditions showing each model to their kins and friends... and their enthusiasm went so far that they decided to start a Company to manufacture traditional bows of exquisite quality thanks to knowledge they had got from the Indians.
They have tried to show their gratitude collaborating with the foundations which preserves animal life and rights, the wood jungles and the Indians Settlements in SouthAmerica.

The group went back to the Tribe in 2001 and comment about their idea to start a Company linking the efforts of both races. Both were very pleased to work together and started to divide their tasks, so the Indians were in charge of the selection and tratment of the woods as well as a deep search of the most refine materials.
A company arose due tu the circunstances, the storm the tribe being there ? the Indian kindness to lead them to their refuge ? or it was the implicit acceptance of both races ? We are that Company and here we are to offer the world a "High Quality" completely carved and handmade with treatment and selection of woods that only that tribe can offer.
With each bow sold, a tree will be planted and a contribution to the foundation that protects the Enviroment, the fauna, the woods and jungles, keeping and preserving the balance of the Indians Tribes that still belong to SouthAmerica.

Today here we are, getting in touch with you.

                                                       Pampas Bow Crafting is owr name .....